Friday, 25 April 2008

Easter in Corfu

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the local Easter cookies and 'fogatsa' sweet bread flavored with mastic.

Where can you find them?
In all bakeries and super markets all over the island.

Easter in Corfu started last Sunday with the big procession of St.Spyridon. Today, each church will have their own mini procession (epitaphios), and the last one will take place after 10 pm. and will get through Liston area. Notice the color of the lantern lights along Liston. Tonight they will be violet, but tomorrow they will be white again.

Don't miss the first resurrection on Saturday morning at 11am. People use to throw pots from their windows as soon the bells start sounding. Then the bands walk along Liston and the Esplanade playing joyful parts. The second -and major- resurrection takes place at 12 midnight at the upper square of Corfu. Have a candle with you and watch the spectacle. Fireworks are shot and waves of lit candles move to all directions.

Happy Easter everybody!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Images that resist time

The village woman in the picture used to live in Ano Korakiana. She had a unique personality and lots of friends in her neighborhood. I remember she was amazed at my taking a picture of her-that's what I did first, years ago, and then drew a sketch out of it.

It was spring time when I took that picture and she was at that time looking after her sheep in a field not far from my village house. We used to take the kids there to pick up daisies and other wild flowers. She was making wool thread and looked so serene and lost in her own world. She was one with the nature. She was always wearing a gold chain with a cross round her neck. She is now resting at the cemetery of Taxiarthis, next to the field she used to visit.

The sketch was made in ink and light water color.