Sunday, 14 September 2008

September storm

Today there is a rain storm!
Big news for Corfiots who were looking forward to some rain after the non stop heat during this summer. Last evening there were too many mosquitoes in the town and my walk along Garitsa bay ended in insect bitten feet and arms! Terrible feeling, and it goes away only with some gel. Well, this morning I saw an awesome cloudy sky and I was truly happy (I know, people get usually happy at sunshine) and we all asked: "When is it going to rain?" It delayed a little bit, it was noon when it started and it is still going on with a lot of clatter that accompanies it.

Time to get our autumn outfits, and tidy up the wardrobe. At last school children will get inside to start studying as the schools have started too. This year it was the perfect timing, school and rain.
Today we have all enjoyed the rain; let's hope we will keep enjoying it in the following days too!