Sunday, 26 April 2009

Menecrates’ tomb

Who was Menecrates?

He was a famous Greek sculptor who lived in Corfu during the 7th century BC. One of the ancient sights you can visit on the island is his tomb-a cenotaph- which is right in the town.

The tomb should be restored and properly conserved but as it always happens here, it is abandoned along with the site next to it. Since the whole place has historical value-well, almost all the sites on the island have-the town council should do something about that. But I think they have run out of funds once more!

Menecrates' tomb which dates back to the 7th century BC is depicted here:

The lion of Menecrates was found in Corfu near the tomb of Menecrates at Alkinou street in the town. See the lion here:

Learn more about Corfu and the sights you can visit, here:

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The epitaph of Ayia Triada

The epitaph of Ayia Triada church at Garitsa area started at 7.oo pm on Great Friday from the church and went around the block past The Douglas column and the Music School at Alexandras avenue into Alkinou street.

The majority of the epitaphs took place at Spianada, the center of the town where most churches are. Each church had its own epitaph, in and out of the town.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The epitaph...

The epitaph of St.Antonios church started at around 7.30 last evening. There was a crowd of people in the town but the spectacle was wonderful-as always.

School kids take part in the epitaph of each church as well as a band or two. In the photo above you can see a part of the marine corpse too.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter holidays in Corfu

Today, Sunday the 12th April, the Greek Easter holidays have started. Schools closed last Friday, but all shops will remain open till next Saturday, when Corfiots celebrate Easter at the square of the island.

What will you buy this week?

First of all, FOGATSA, the special sweet bread that is the traditional treat for the whole family. Fogatsa can be eaten any time, at breakfast or as a snack during the day. In case you buy too many fogatses and they have become dry, you can slice them and grill them-eat them like a toast with honey or jam. Despite the fact that some bakeries sell fogatsa all the year round since it is very popular, now it is the time to get one, in a variety of shapes. Round ones are softer, small one-serving ones are best for the kids. Get fresh fogatses from bakeries (at a lower price) and from confectionery shops and supermarkets. Most of them are mastic flavored but the real corfiot fogatsa has orange flavor.

What else?

An Easter candle. They sell white and colorful candles for kids and adults all over the town. Kids usually get candles with small toys attached on them-this is the manufacturers' lure to attract more customers. Traditional candles are while with ribbons or wax colored natural candles. If you don't have time to buy candles now, pop into a supermarket and get some plain ones or wait till Saturday when you can get candles on the way to the square; there will be many stalls selling candles to those who like to get them the last minute!

What about Easter food supplies?

Tradition says you have lamb or goat meat in your fridge, to get it ready for Easter day.
If you don't have a spit to roast it, use your oven. Whatever you do, add a lot of lemon and oregano and let the flavor torture you till it gets ready! Olive oil is a must as well as ample salad.
Lettuce and cucumber along with fresh onions and tomatoes are ideal for a fresh salad to accompany the meat. Some people boil legumes or make vegetable pies-any will do. Some local -or bottled-red wine will complete the meal. Don't miss the olives and feta cheese on the Easter table! And the red eggs of course! Buy more than a dozen as eggs are tricky! They crack so easily during boiling that you may need a lot more!

What about home decoration?

Apart from baskets with red eggs-or colorful eggs- that you can put on many spots of your house, get flowers. Spring time is here and one or more vases with flowers will lighten up the atmosphere. Or you can get some flower pots from your balcony. The most enjoyable thing for me is to paint egg faces on hard boiled eggs! It's so easy to do, just take care to have a couple hard-boiled eggs(leave them to boil for at least 10 minutes).

Here is how to do it once the eggs are ready and cold.

Cut out rings from the kitchen paper hard card roller (the inside) to use as base.

Stick glossy paper on the rings or paint them with tempera or acrylic.

Place an egg on each ring and draw a face on it. You can use a pencil and fill in the design with
tempera or acrylic color.

You can either draw some hair or make a cap/hat or handkerchief to cover the top of the head.

Be creative! This is fun for the kids and all the family and a great gift for relatives and friends!

Happy Easter!