Friday, 30 May 2008

Recycling in Corfu town

Do you recycle?

Apart from the recycling blue bins that can be found almost everywhere in town, there is another way to help: Buy and/or sell second hand items.

This is the new trend that is slowing booming in Corfu town. In this way you have less unwanted items cluttered in your house and you can also get some good stuff to use.

Where can you do this?
There is a new place called 'To Pazari" (Bazaar). Here is the extract from the site

At the Bazaar of Used Objects 'TAKE IT EASY' you can buy or sell simply anything you can think of at the best market prices. And when we say anything, we mean it! Visit us at Spirou Vasileiou 23 in Karteria (Kefalomantouko) or call us at 26610.21713 / 6936.873700

What can you find there?

Books! Greek and English, old and new.
Drawings and paintings! Old and used and brand new paintings (by local artists)at low prices.
Household items.
Clothes. A wide range of new and used clothes.
School equipment: desks and chairs, tables and bookcases.

It's growing fast and I believe many people will support this move.

The painting on the top left is on sale at the Bazaar. It's Korakiana village (Acrylic on canvas)

Flowers everywhere!

May is the month of flowers. The gardens, the fields and even the balconies in the town are a piece of art. On the first of May my son gave me some roses. They were so beautiful I decided to draw them the very next day. You can see the picture above. It's tempera on tinted paper.