Friday, 27 March 2009

A strange fish in Corfu waters…

We have never seen this kind of fish here. The sea group of the protection of the environment club announced that they had spotted a new kind of fish species in the Corfiot sea. They stated that lately, the fishermen of northern Corfu catch frequently a new kind of fish that is called Sphoeroides pachygaster.

This kind of fish can be found in the sea of the isles on the north of Corfu (Othonoi, Erikousa, Mathraki) which is the meeting point of the Ionian sea and the Adriatic sea.

What exactly is this kind of fish?

Sphoeroides pachygaster is a fish of the Atlantic ocean that gradually came into the Mediterranean and keeps on heading to the east. The problem is that some of the characteristics of this fish are similar to the dangerous fish called Rabbithead (Lagokephalos), so the fishermen may make mistakes.

How do these fish look like?

Sphoeroides pachygaster is short and fat with an inflated belly, smooth skin, big head that end to a ‘beak’ with jaws in four parts.

A few days ago a Sphoeroides pachygaster was caught in 80 m. depth by a Corfiot fisherman. It was 39 cm long.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Coffee Time paper...

Coffee Time local paper has a new design now thanks to Vasilis Savvanis who took over the graphics and the format of the paper. Vasilis, who is the owner of Aggelia (see the first link in the side bar) magazine, and a new book publisher, has tried to give the paper a new style and status.

Coffee Time is a lifestyle paper that includes articles about the island and promotes businesses in Corfu. It has a free distribution all over the island and caters to both Greek and English speaking residents as it contains both Greek and English articles and ads.

If you are near the post office in the town you can get a free copy now. The paper is being distributed to central spots of the town and to all the major villages, such as Acharavi area and Kassiopi.

If you are looking for a job or have an ad to publish, contact
Tel: 6947129349 and 6937877648

Publisher of Coffee time: Alexandros Vlachos

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today, 1 st of March,
the carnival parade it taking place in Corfu town.

Some floats and a number of dance schools take part in this event which starts at 4.00 pm from San Rocco square heading for the lower square of the town.
In the photos above you can see the kids of a dance school that parade along Alexandras Avenue towards San Rocco square to meet the bands. A huge blue masc shows the name of their school and the little kids dressed in pink follow along with the teenagers who are dressed like police women. This is only one of the numerous dance schools that exist on the island. Gyms are also in favor these days. To watch a video go to where you can also listen to Life Radio, the local pop radio station.