Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Teaching Recycling at schools...

Teaching how to recycle at the A primary school this morning...
Mr.A.Georgiadis, High school maths teacher and ecologist, showed the young pupils how to recycle and talked about the benefits of compost making.
He has started an educational tour to local schools so as the students get to know all about recycling and composting.
To organize a display at your place, contact him at

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Book presentation

children's book
by Iliana Metallinou

This morning there was a book presentation at the premises of A primary school
where three classes (from nursery to B) attended and participated in the activities that followed the reading.

The writer showed the pupils the illustrations of the story on the school projector and then they all drew and painted snails on the photocopies provided.

They were about 40 pupils participating, from 4 to 7 .

We are grateful to the teachers for their kind support and their enthusiasm and hope this activity will take place in more schools all over the island and maybe ...on the mainland schools too!

Monday, 7 March 2011

On the 2 March 2011 THE WHITE SNAIL storybook was presented to the young readers of B primary school at the Public library(old castle).
The kids listened to the story read by the actress Alexandra Pagiataki and then drew and painted snails in the kids reading room. At the end of the activity the writer gave away snail cards and real snail shells.
The next reading of THE WHITE SNAIL will take place on the 9 March at the A Primary school.