Sunday, 28 June 2009

Art Exhibition

References (Anafores)

Anafores is the title of the art exhibition taking place at the Public Library of the old castle. The artist is the Corfiot painter Demetra Kleronomou.

The paintings will be displayed at the Library till the 7th July.

Public can visit the exhibition on

Monday and Wednesday 12.30 to 19.00

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30 to 2.30

About the artist

Demetra Kleronomou was born in Karousades village in Corfu and has been drawing from an early age. Her first studies began in 1999 when she was tutored by the artist Marco Bano and then continued her studies at the Art School of Corfu. Her teachers were Melina Grammenou, Spiros Alamanos and the sculptor Eva Karidi.

Demetra has taken part in many group exhibitions in Corfu and other Greek cities. She is a member of EIKE, UNESCO Piraeus and Island and former member of the Ionian Theatre.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Labatines (small fires)

Tonight Corfiots can attend the custom of Labatines (small fires) in two areas of the town: Benitses and Mandouki.

This custom takes place on the eve of Saint John Labataris. At Benitses village, the women’s association Athena organizes an event at 9:00, during which two fires will get lit in the square of the village. There is also going to be live music, dancing and treats!

At Mandouki area the cultural association of Mandouki people organizes a music event at the bus terminal to celebrate Saint John. In this event will take part the kids of the handicraft workshop of the association.

According to the women’s association Athena, this special custom calls all the residents of the island to gather at a cross road during sunset to light labatines. In old days they used to make three stacks of hay and each household brought along their May flower ring to burn. The fires had to be three and always located on a three-way crossroad. When the fires burnt, the young people used to jump over the fire one by one, and they had to jump three times each over the fire. It is a great fun to watch and participate in this event!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Garitsa area, Corfu

One of the most picturesque areas in Corfu town is Garitsa area. It is a green spot starting from Alexandras Avenue to Anemomylos place at the end of Garitsa bay.

The main church in this area is the church of Iasonos and Sosipatrou, which has old beautiful murals inside and a special architecture. It is certainly a sight worth seeing. Many ceremonies still take place at this church which is very popular among the residents.

The bay of Garitsa has always been the favorite promenade for the Corfiots who stroll along the seafront almost all the year round. Summer evenings are especially suitable for a stroll at Garitsa as the sea breeze is cooling and welcome. The tavernas along the inner side of the bay, in the green park, offer a restful and delicious evening out from spring to autumn.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

I Live in Corfu!

Meet the animals, insects and plants living on the island.



My name is Snail, but my Greek name is Saligari, or Bobolas in plain Corfiot language!

In my family we are in a variety of colors; the most common is brown with black stripes. White snails are quite common in fields with eatable plants such as lettuces, cabbages and broccoli (the green kind of cauliflower). I love the rain and I usually come out for a stroll after a nice heavy storm or a drizzle... I have to search for food, you see. That’s the time farmers really dislike me. Why? Read on to find out!

What do I eat?

Leaves; almost any kind of fresh green leaves will do. I am not too selective but I prefer those kinds human beings eat as they are the tastier. My worst time is when I go out to look for food because I am an easy prey. Birds catch me, you know, as I am part of the food chain. People eat me, too, but not very often since some of them think I am too slippery and creepy for their taste (I have to become more disgusting if I want to survive, but there are still those who find me cute; can you believe it? CUTE! How can a snail look cute?)

Well, I am an artifact too. My shell is a piece of art; people all over the world try to draw and paint my shell, so I am quite famous for my decorative designs. You can see lots of different shells at the Benitses Shell Museum in Corfu.

If you are online, you can learn more about my family here

Now, would you like to read a story about me and my family?

Get the book titled The White Snail from a Corfiot bookshop or kiosk. Or visit my online address to order a signed copy at