Saturday, 23 June 2007

KERKYRA, the green paradise.

We’re back to Kerkyra, which is the greenest of the Ionian islands.

If you come for a visit, don’t omit the following:

The old town:

Wander along the narrow alley ways and old houses, the market and the squares.

The old castle:

A rocky peninsula with a castle which offers a spectacular view.

The church of Saint Spyridon:

Visit the protector Saint of the island. You can see His relics in a silver coffin.

The museums:

The archaeological museum with statues and findings of excavations on the island.

The Asiatic museum : a collection of rare antiquities unique in Greece.

Achilleion palace:

The palace of Sissy of Austria.

Palaiokastritsa village :

Explore the rocks and caves and visit the old Monastery.


The castle was built in the 6th century to protect the city from the Barbarian attacks. It was during the end of the Byzantine period that Kerkyra suffered from the constant invasions so that the entire population was transferred to the rocky peninsula in order to be safe.

Nowadays the castle houses an old church, archaeological exhibits and cafes, and is a place of cultural events. From the top of the castle the visitors can have an overall view of the city, especially of the bay and the old part of the town which look fantastic.

(See the castle on top of the page).

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