Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Sports in Corfu

Sports in Corfu

Do you have some leisure time?
Would you like to get involved in a sport?
Easy! Just stroll to the square and join the cricket club of Corfu.

Cricket has been recognized by the Greek government as the national sport of Corfu as it has been played on the island since the 19th century, when the British introduced this game to the inhabitants. The cricket pitch is located in the lower square of Corfu town, on the Esplanade, amidst the green and the magnificent architecture around it. Matches take place mostly in the summer when foreign teams arrive on the island. If you would like to contact the local team, call 26610 47754, which is the phone number of the Greek Federation f Cricket.

How about tennis?
This is also a local game with tradition. There are many tennis clubs on the island , but the oldest one is situated in Corfu town, at Romanou Street, within walking distance from the Archaeological Museum. This one has got 4 tennis courts. You can choose to play at night as well, as there are floodlights inside. You can also play tennis at a hotel since most of them have got a tennis court. Contact the Corfiot tennis club at 26610 46430.

Golf is also popular here.
You can play golf at some hotels, the best being the one at the area near Vatos village.
Ask the hotel you are staying at for further information on golf facilities.

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