Sunday, 9 December 2007

ART at Kassiopi village!

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I was recently given an invitation to an Art Gallery at Kassiopi village, on the north of Corfu. As I wasn't able to go there in person, I visited the site, and here's what I found out:

The site is

The first artist is Richard Hewlett, and he is the one who owns the site. The second artist is Chris Stephens and I can only see his paintings on the small card I've got. Both use vivid colors and feel what they see-this is clear from the way they paint.

I can't actually tell much as I can only see Richard's paintings online, but it is clear that he likes colorful images and uses bright and impressive colors. I would say he paints the joy of living in the countryside, that's what comes to me when I look at his paintings. The houses with the red tiled roofs are a typical characteristic of the Corfiot villages and he has certainly succeeded in

depicting the small village of Petalia (see above) which is a very poor, yet full of colors village perched on the mountain of Pantokrator. I've been there many times.

Chris, on the other hand,has got a different style. I would like to see more of his paintings to form a view though. Maybe, next time I have a trip to Kassiopi!

Richard runs painting classes both for individuals and groups, so if you are interested, email him. You can find his email on his site at

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