Thursday, 21 August 2008

Art exhibition

Art exhibition in the old palace at the square.

At the Municipal Gallery in Corfu town there is an art exhibition that is worth seeing. Giorgio Turchetti, an Italian artist who is residing in Corfu many months a year, exhibits his paintings under the theme of ‘Kind of Blue’.

The exhibition theme is divided into several parts.

The first part includes paintings dealing with the Interiors, where the visitor can see figures, fruit and the artist’s room, all in oil on canvas.

The second part has got Portraits in oil and tempera on paper. The third is about Nudes, displaying intriguing figures that show the passion of the artist for women. The fourth part is dedicated to Landscapes. Fantasy backgrounds and soft colors are the main features of his work.

Then comes the fifth part with The divided self figures, where the viewer will find themselves studying asylum figures in oil and tempera.

The sixth part includes Recent work in oil on canvas, such as Venice, flowers and sky images, while the last part has got Sketches, mostly portraits.

Giorgio Turchetti was born in Rome in 1925 and at first he was engaged in scenography. After 1960 he dedicated himself to painting. His works are found in Italy and other countries while his latest exhibition in Corfu was held in Corfu Gallery in 2006.

The exhibition will last till the end of August and visitors are given a booklet free of charge containing the art exhibits.

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