Saturday, 8 November 2008

Last Sunday's celebration

The procession of Saint Spyridon, the protector of Corfu, took place last Sunday morning in the town of Corfu.

Corfiots celebrated the miracle of the Saint that happened in 1673, when a plague epidemic hit the island. Then, Saint Spyridon sent the plague away and the Corfiots were saved.

An old local tale says that as the plague was leaving the island, she scratched with her nails the rock behind the old castle of the town. The signs are still visible to those who sail around the castle. You see, the plague was thought of as a monster who had iron nails and huge strength.

The procession was, as always, great and colorful. It was a sunny Sunday, as most days on this island are, and there was a crowd of people attending the ceremony.

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