Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunny Sunday full of fire wood

After a stormy week we've got a sunny interval. This morning though we had sudden rainfall, but the weather is mild-not like two days ago when a tree trunk fell off in front of my flat!

It was after an extremely windy night that the tree finally collapsed, and it was sheer luck it did not hit either a car or a passer by! The bakery owner, who opens her shop just after seven am, had a lucky escape! Minutes after walking under that hollow tree, and as soon as she had reached her bakery in the next block, the tree fell down!

The workers cut down the trunk and filled two trucks of fire wood. The twin trunk is still standing up and I wonder why they did not cut this down. I suppose they are waiting for another storm to do the job. Fifteen years ago, another trunk-at the same place-had fallen down and truncated the edge of my balcony. The workers had come to collect the firewood but they never cut down the other hollow trunk. They always let nature take care of the rest.

I wonder: Is that called an eco friendly spirit?

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