Monday, 4 May 2009

A Banana Tree in a Corfiot garden!

I have walked past that garden so many times, for so many years and have never noticed that plant! Funny, isn’t it?

I was born in that old house and played in that small garden, but I have always thought that plant was a palm tree. It was smaller at that time anyway, and I was a kid-kids hardly notice these things. I was more concerned about my cats and chicken and less about the banana tree. But yesterday, as I was walking past that spot once more, I saw it. I didn’t have my web camera with me so I had to come back later to take a shot.

The first glimpse of that huge lamp- like flower deceived me; I thought-what is that, looks like a plastic lamp. You see it was hanging gracefully over the gate just in the middle of it. Exactly as a lamp should hang! Then I noticed a thick cord upwards that looked like a twisted wire. Looking up I saw the bananas; small green bananas facing the sky. You can see the pictures above. I had never seen a banana tree in blossom before. It is certainly a spectacle!

I searched the net and found these links. Just in case you would like to plant a banana tree in your garden!

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