Monday, 13 July 2009

Go green

Corfu is a green paradise, but yet, working indoors can make you feel you are under pressure. But there is a way to alter this feeling wherever your office may be. Just read on!

Fourteen tips to an Eco-friendly office!

So, you are working in an office and feel you are destined to be confined in a cement environment for the rest of your life! But office life doesn’t mean you can not be in the eco spirit! There are several ways you can improve your working environment and then feel satisfied that you have finally contributed to a greener and healthier office life. It only takes a couple of steps and some determination.

Step one: Use your car less.
How can you do that? Arrange with a colleague to use your cars in turns or use public transport (which is the best solution as it causes less pollution).

Step two:
Get plants.
Fill your office with plants. They not only enhance the atmosphere but also lessen the effects of radiation emitted from office equipment. Ask the florists about the best interior plants that need little care. Plants will also make you feel relaxed and happy.

Step three:
Find the light.
Place your desk in the spot that is best lit. If there is a window, place your desk nearby as a source of natural light is always best.

Step four:
Become paper aware.
If you use a printer, print on both sides of the paper. Waste less paper and contribute to less deforestation. Also, use recycled paper.

Step five:
Ban felt pens.
Avoid using felt pens and use ball point pens instead. The latter contain less chemicals and do not smell.

Step six:
Pins vs tape.
You can use pins or clips instead of adhesive tape which produces toxins and it is not bio-degradable.

Step seven:
Save files.
Save your files on USB as CDs are disposable. In this way you produce less waste.

Step eight:
Glass vs plastic.
You can use plates and glasses made of glass or china and avoid plastic altogether. Help the environment get rid of unnecessary waste that adds more pollution.

Step nine:
Turn off your PC.
When you are not working, turn off your PC. Do not leave it on waiting mode. Save energy and lower your electricity bills.

Step ten:
Lights off.
If you are the last to leave the office, don’t forget to turn the lights off.

Step eleven:
Use the recycling bins near your office. Sort out the waste you produce during your office hours. Get in the recycling habit now!

Step twelve: Rest room changes.
If you run your own business, replace the faucets in the bathroom with taps having a photocell, and buy lamps that save energy. Also, install hand driers and do not waste paper.

Step thirteen:
Charity aware.
Start a co-operation with WWF that has got special programs for businesses, at

Step fourteen:
Beware of snack packaging.
Avoid aluminum foil, plastic bags or one use dishes for your snacks. Choose a package that you can reuse. Why not get your own lunch box from home?

So, you see there are many ways to be eco friendly and enjoy a better office environment. It’s up to you to make some changes in your life and encourage others to follow you. Remember that this planet needs our co-operation to survive!

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