Saturday, 8 August 2009

Alikes Potamou

Alikes Potamou:

A popular bath resort for all the residents of Corfu that is located just a few kilometers off the town, opposite Evenos stores. There is a spacious parking lot and a well organized space filled with a number of facilities.

Those who wish to enjoy a swim along with a healthy dinner this is the ideal spot to do so! The taverna on the beach offers a variety of fresh fish like grilled sardines that are delicious! Meat eaters can have chicken chops (the specialty of the taverna) or beef steaks and/or the dish of the day which usually includes a freshly cooked casserole with seasonal ingredients. The taverna is open all day long and in the evenings too, all year round.

Prices are low-a lot lower than other places-and the quality of the food is exceptionally good. For example, the chips are made from freshly cut potatoes and the salads are being prepared on the spot. Kids can have ice cream or soft drinks and play at the garden electronic toys which are all around the taverna.

There is a small pool on the right and the tall eucalyptus trees that cast ample shade make the place cool and comfortable. There is no extra charge for the sun beds scattered all around the place or the sun umbrellas and benches. For those who wish to bring their own food and not sit at the taverna, there are many shady spots with wooden benches and tents on the left side of the taverna.

The beach is sandy and caters to kids and the elderly and all those who wish to have easy access to the sea. Some people may not like the shallow waters-the visitor has to walk a long way into the sea to be able to swim-but the sea is clean and warm and the view is marvelous. How can we testify the sea is clean? Well, there are tiny fish swimming and lots of live shells moving all around. This place gives the illusion you are in a far away place in Corfu, not so near to town. It only takes 5-10 minutes to reach the town centre, let alone enjoy so many facilities!

However, those who don’t want to enter this space they can still drive to the right side of the Baths, right to the bare beach, and have a swim on the other side of the area. This spot though has only two trees and a lot of sea weeds.

Enjoy your swim!

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