Saturday, 13 February 2010

A book review

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Allison Bottke

David C Cook,


ISBN: 978-1-434799-49-4

pp.437, paperback, US $ 14.99


Reviewed by Liana Metal

Allison Bottke, the creator of the successful God Allows U-Turns anthologies, is a popular speaker and author of hip-lit fiction and non fiction. She has now created , a place for inspiring boomer women all around the world.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is the story about Susan, a happily married woman in her early fifties, who has suddenly to face her past and future in a new way. What is going to happen to her? How will she be able to survive?

This novel tackles problems arising at a later age and are real in every way, as real as the characters the author describes. It is fun to read, simple and clear style, suitable for readers from all walks of life. Gripping plot, action, humor are some of the elements included. Women all over the world need this kind of fiction to make them feel good, to inspire them and to show them that they can follow their dreams despite their problems. A really gripping novel that is an exciting read from the first to the last page!

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