Sunday, 22 July 2007


The picture above of Anemomylos was taken in winter and shows the wind mill that was built a few years ago.

Anemomylos or in other words, Mylos, is the palce at the end of Garitsa bay. That place used to have a real wind mill in old days that’s why we call it anemomylos, which in Greek means ‘wind mill’. In winter it is a good small port for the fishing boats, but in summer people go there to have a swim, since on one side the sea is shallow enough for the kids to swim.

On the outer side, behind the artificial mill that was built there, there are small stairs for the swimmers. However, the sea is very deep over there, so if you decide to swim in that area you should be careful. Also the bottom of the sea is rocky and rough but if you like sealife, you will have the opportunity to see fish, crabs and even octopuses hidden in the rocks.

On that small area there is a cafes/snack bars that offers quick meals, and a hotel restaurant overlooking the sea. For a proper Greek meal though, you can visit the series of grill rooms and tavernas just across the street, in the green park along the bay. What can you eat? Souvlaki, pitta,mousaka, pastitsio and the Corfiot pastitsada. You can have a variety of fresh vegetables and salads and then summer fruit and icecream. For those living in the town it is the best place to enjoy a meal by the sea. At nights these tavernas are open till very late and the peak time is around 10 pm. Since it is very hot in the summer, people have dinner late at night!

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