Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Olive oil: a local product

This is a small part of an article of mine on olive oil. It explains why I use olive oil daily.

'I use olive oil every day. My ancestors used olive oil every day, too, and they lived to an old age – some lived more than a century. Their main meals were combinations of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and some meat dressed in olive oil.

So, olive oil has been known for centuries. But it is now that people have become fully aware of its goodness. It can be used almost everywhere, adding a special flavor to food as well as boosting our immune system as it contains Vitamin E. Thus it is good for our health and we should use it every day. Combined with vegetables and fish is an excellent food, as well as with meat of every kind for those who are meat-eaters.'

If you would like to read some recipes that include olive oil, you can go to
and try them!

Good luck!


Bio products online!
I'm sure you've heard about bio-products, they are expanding in Europe and many people prefer them to conventional ones.

This 'green' turn in our lifestyle shows we, consumers, become more and more aware of the benefits of real food that is natural and chemical free. The latter aspect is the one that makes me eager to buy this kind of products, despite their high, at times, price.

In Corfu you can find bio products in big supermarkets like 'Demetra' markets.
What can you get?
Honey, olive oil and a range of herbs.
Sometimes there are vegetables and fruit available.
Also you can get wine, pasta, sauces and jam.
You can get cookies and toast as well.

For online shopping, try where you can find the best prices. This is a Greek site, though, but I hope they will create an English version sometime in the near future.

Also, at
you can find a big variety of natural products.

To view the site in English, click on the British flag at the bottom of the page.

More sites in Greece:
for bio products in Greek big cities
and (Sorry, Greek only!)
for more information on bio products.

What do I buy for my family?
Olive oil, herbs, honey and wine. These are the essentials for the every day meals. I don't buy jams because I make my own, but I do buy cookies made with olive oil and spices. I get them from Demetra market in the town.

Enjoy them!

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Anonymous said...

I love olive oil! I wish I had known about it when I was younger, I didn't use it until I was in my '30's! :)