Saturday, 13 October 2007

Cultural News


Do you play chess?

Yesterday was the last day of the chess tournament in Corfu town. It took place at the conference centre at Faliraki, a romantic place by the sea with view to Vido island.
The chess festival was organised by the local authorities in cooperation with chess related parties.

Chess games took place on a daily basis from 15.00 to 22.00 in the evening. It lasted for 10 days and involved the following:

An International open tournament
A Grant Maitre tournament
A touristic tournament and
a Rapid tournament.

More information and pictures from Aggelina's blog (in Greek) at

and from Bill's site at


The new book titled 'I won't Cry' by the Corfiot author Liana Vrahlioti is going to be presented at the library of Lefkimi this Saturday, 13th of October at 7 pm.


The dance school of Jenny Theotoki will perform tonight at 20:30 at the Municipal Theatre of Corfu. The funds will be contributed to Floga organization that cares for children with cancer.
Ticket price: 8 euros.


At ORFEAS cinema tonight

the film Hairspray

with John Travolta, Michel Pheifer, Christofer Waken.

An American movie telling the story of Tracy, a fat girl, who tries to take part in the Corny Collins Show. The story is set in 1962, and the director is Adam Sankman.


Lisa Logan said...

Hairspray was an awesome flick! Went and saw it like three times. Even my 3-year-old stood up and sang/danced to all the music!

Lia said...

Thanks, Lisa,
I haven't seen the film myself but my students have, so I used their opinion. I like Travolta and all musicals of that kind.