Sunday, 30 September 2007

Nuts-the special ones!

A Greek bio product

Did you know that pistachio grows on a Greek island? And that is the best quality of all other nuts since it is a bio product?

Aegina island produces pistachio, the most popular nut in Greece (and the most expensive and tastier) that has got a special unique taste. It is also a bio product!

Looking back to the 19th century, these special trees, pistachio trees, were not planted in Greece. Only in Aegina island this special tree finds the moisture it needs to grow. The soil is composed of clay, the substance clay pots are made of, so the water runs through it. The soil remains dry despite the amount of water found and that is the reason this nut is so delicious!

What affects the taste of the nut?
1. It’s proximity to the sea.
2. The dry environment.
3. The small size of the trees.
4. The low level of humidity-even at night.
5. The composure of the soil.

The crop is ready in August. They gather the nuts by spreading nets under the trees and shaking the branches with a stick. Then, a machine sorts out the nuts peels them and discards the bad ones. Next, the nuts are washed and are spread under the sun for 3-4 days to dry. Some farmers use a machine to dry them. When ready, they are put into bags and placed into the freezer for 3 days to kill the insects that may have remained alive. In there they can be preserved for up to 2 years. This bio product has no chemicals-just sea salt and real lemon juice on it!

Where can you find pistachio in Corfu?

Certainly in all big stores! Supermarkets have many varieties as well as coffee shops.
Try Demetra markets or Sconto markets all over the island.

For more information go to Aegina

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