Sunday, 23 September 2007

A stroll at the square

Strolling along the upper square of Corfu can be a unique experience. Just take some time to look around, to admire the view at Garitsa bay, and further on, the old castle. Everything around is green and relaxing.

Take a look at Peristilion, an ancient water tank, which is at the top end of the square. It used to be accessible but since the people started ruining it, the Mayor built an iron fence around it to preserve it. When I was little I used to play there with my friends. We played hide and seek behind the columns and wondered what was inside the locked door. They said it was a huge well with water. Then some kids started drawing on the wall and so the damage started. The restoration took place last year and now it is one of the best well-preserved sights in town.

The square is full of chestnut trees, acacias and tilia/lime trees. Chestnut trees (Kastanies in Greek) drop wild chestnuts (kastana) on the ground and kids pick them up. I also loved picking up chestnuts and carrying them home. I still have one of them which is very old and is hanging from a chain. September is the month for mature chestnuts.

Tilia flowers bloom in spring and their aroma is so strong that it spreads all over the square. The flowers come out in groups and are yellowish. Tilia is a herb that when dried and drank, relaxes the mind. In Greek we call it TILIO

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