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Do you drink wine?

Learn about it.

Just a little bit of everything you need to know about wine, how they taste it and how you can tell the wine you drink is good!

Myths and Truth

Don’t drink wine on an empty stomach. You get drunk fast!

---Did you know that olive oil helps? You don't get drunk that fast if you eat a nice salad with olive oil dressing.

---Take care! Too much wine causes dehydration.

The wine ‘over the counter’ is never as good as the bottled one.

---No one controls unbottled wine. There is no product name and no responsibility!

---Bottled wine is safer.

If you mix different kinds of wine you get drunk.

---Not true. It depends on the amount of the alcohol you drink. But if you mix different products such as wine (grapes) and vodka (potato), you get drunk.


How to choose the right wine

When does a bottle of wine is not drinkable?

1. Examine the cork: problems at the cork result in a characteristic bad smell. That is not dangerous for your health though.

2. Acidosis: If air penetrates inside, the wine gets spoilt.

Some wines become better when they are left to mature in barrels or in their bottles. Most wines need 2 to 4 years to mature.


Get a glass of wine. Follow the 3 steps below:

Look at it.

Smell it.

Taste it.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is it clear enough to see through it?
  2. Is the aroma pleasant?
  3. Is the taste sweet, bitter or dry?


This Greek traditional wine, dates back to 3000 years, to Ancient Greeks!

This is a unique Greek product. To make it, they add to the white wine retina from pine trees.


South Greece

Petritis Chysohoou, Naousa

Simeonidis Wines

Kavala-olive grove village


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