Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Carnival in Corfu

Carnival in Corfu is celebrated on the two last Sundays before Lent. The festivities reach their peak on last Sunday when a joyous parade takes place along the main streets of the town leading to the square.

Several floats and bands take place in the parade along with colorful groups from local dancing schools and lots of dressed up school kids who dance and play in the streets. The day ends by burning an effigy of ‘king Carnavalos’ that represents the spirit of carnival.

During carnival time local people use to make 'galactoboureko', which is a special sweet made from milk and semolina, fillo and syrup and it is absolutely delicious! You can find it in local confectioneries, such as Kretikos at Saroco square, or Serano at Solari area.

You can see carnival dancing here

or here

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