Saturday, 15 March 2008

Natural products on Corfu island

The Land of Corfu

Start from the central square of Corfu called Esplanade, which is known as ‘the biggest square in the Valkans’, and Liston, which is the road with the arches that was designed and built by the Royal French after 1807 and is located on the west side of Esplanade, and you will get to St.Spyridon road. Go along St.Spyridon road starting from Liston and you will find yourself in the heart of the traditional area of the old town. At the end of the road there is a junction to Filarmoniki road, and just there is our shop which is located at the groundfloor of the building where Filarmoniki ‘Mantjaros’ is.

At the entrance of our shop which is at Filarmoniki road, you can find all the Greek products that are made from one of the most valuable product in the world, olive oil, which is a product of Greece.

Based on olive oil, plant-based cosmetics and pure traditional soap are produced in the old way they used to get produced years ago, as well as Greek sponges.

You can also find here Virgin Olive oil with acidity up to 0.3%, cold processed, straight from the Corfiot olive groves, as well as the best olive oil from all over Greece, awarded as the best in international competitions.

You can also buy black Kalamon olives, which are the best olives in the world, as well as thyme, oregano and all the spices of Mediterranean cooking.

Finally, here you can find all the Greek sweets and cakes and traditional Corfiot liquor, such as lemon liquor and Koum-kouat, ouzo and the best Corfiot wines.

At the entrance of our shop at St.Spyridonos street you can find Greek traditional gifts such as:

Handmade icons, old copper utensils that are at least 80 years old, lanterns in every shape, a selection of nargile items, handmade alabaster and original fossils.

Our business handles both retail and bulk orders.

We will be happy to meet you!

With respect,

Lygeri Kalogeresi

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