Wednesday, 19 March 2008

On Air!

Corfu island On air!

Radio music is quite popular on the island. Walk into any shop in the town and you will listen to the songs or the commentary of a local radio station.

One of the most popular radio stations in Corfu is Life radio at

You can hear live music any time you are in and enjoy a variety of songs from a wide range of eras. The producer is Dimitris Savanis, a local young man who has a talent in picking up the right music from around the world. Life radio plays 24 hours a day and each music session, which usually lasts for 2 hours, is performed by a small panel of young men and women who select the songs and comment on a variety of aspects from around the world.

Last weekend a new music session started at 4 pm, directed by Bill Savanis and Tatiana Soulani. Bill is the owner and publisher of Aggelia-Online magazine and the site, that promote businesses on the island and throughout Greece. He enjoys being on the air and hopes that they will soon be able to run their broadcast on a daily basis.

“If anyone wishes to sponsor our broadcast, they can contact me via or contact Dimitri via” Bill says. “Life Radio offers great promoting services for any business on the island”.

You can also join our group at,

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