Saturday, 10 January 2009

Old mansions in the heart of the town

This old mansion belonged to Petsalis family. Mr Petsalis was the headmaster of the Commercial High School of Corfu (the school I attended in my teenage years), which unfortunately was demolished to make room for a new block of flats, and his wife was a teacher in the Gymnasium for girls of the town, located just a few meters away. The Gymnasium was later turned into the hotel named "Bella Venetia" which is very popular and cozy as it is in the centre of the town.

The mansion was donated to the Corfiots but it is still closed and has not been renovated yet. Around the building there is a huge garden surrounded by high walls, so no one really knows what the interior looks like. I wonder if this mansion will ever be used in any way before it crumbles down. Many people donate buildings but it takes ages to get them renovated and used.

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