Friday, 2 January 2009

Rain, rain and rain!

Today, the second of January, it's been raining since the night before. At noon though we had a nice dry spell that encouraged people to get out and do some shopping; not much, as only some local bakeries and mini markets were open. The chain supermarkets and the rest of the shops were all closed, even the pharmacies.

So it seems to have another day at home, resting or working at home, like me. Holidays are great to do a lot of things you can't do on normal weekdays, when you have to rush to the shops or pay bills. Speaking of bills, the post office was open as I got my electricity bill before noon. It will have to wait till next week though, as Monday is a semi holiday-the next day, the 6th of January is Fota (the Baptism of Jesus) and it is again, a holiday. On the 5th kids sing carols-but very few visit us anyway. Maybe because they don't really care to learn these carols or they are just not interested, since schools start the next day! Two weeks holidays are more than enough but the kids won't come back to reality without nagging.

Shopkeepers are looking forward to the after-holiday period. Guess why?
Sales will start!

Till next time, keep well...

(picture above: Anemomylos area, on a sunny winter day)


Sibadd said...

...and in Scotland it's frost frost frost - sparkling in the cold. Lovely to see the pictures of Corfu = even when it's just grey. S

Liana said...

I'd love to see some snow-it rarely snows here, and when it does the snow covers just a little bit of Pantokrator mountain. Your grey pictures of Scotland look quite attractive.

Sibadd said...

...but in Corfu we get that wonderful vista of snow capped mountains over the straits in mainland Greece and Albania.