Sunday, 7 June 2009

I Live in Corfu!

Meet the animals, insects and plants living on the island.



My name is Snail, but my Greek name is Saligari, or Bobolas in plain Corfiot language!

In my family we are in a variety of colors; the most common is brown with black stripes. White snails are quite common in fields with eatable plants such as lettuces, cabbages and broccoli (the green kind of cauliflower). I love the rain and I usually come out for a stroll after a nice heavy storm or a drizzle... I have to search for food, you see. That’s the time farmers really dislike me. Why? Read on to find out!

What do I eat?

Leaves; almost any kind of fresh green leaves will do. I am not too selective but I prefer those kinds human beings eat as they are the tastier. My worst time is when I go out to look for food because I am an easy prey. Birds catch me, you know, as I am part of the food chain. People eat me, too, but not very often since some of them think I am too slippery and creepy for their taste (I have to become more disgusting if I want to survive, but there are still those who find me cute; can you believe it? CUTE! How can a snail look cute?)

Well, I am an artifact too. My shell is a piece of art; people all over the world try to draw and paint my shell, so I am quite famous for my decorative designs. You can see lots of different shells at the Benitses Shell Museum in Corfu.

If you are online, you can learn more about my family here

Now, would you like to read a story about me and my family?

Get the book titled The White Snail from a Corfiot bookshop or kiosk. Or visit my online address to order a signed copy at

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