Saturday, 13 June 2009

Garitsa area, Corfu

One of the most picturesque areas in Corfu town is Garitsa area. It is a green spot starting from Alexandras Avenue to Anemomylos place at the end of Garitsa bay.

The main church in this area is the church of Iasonos and Sosipatrou, which has old beautiful murals inside and a special architecture. It is certainly a sight worth seeing. Many ceremonies still take place at this church which is very popular among the residents.

The bay of Garitsa has always been the favorite promenade for the Corfiots who stroll along the seafront almost all the year round. Summer evenings are especially suitable for a stroll at Garitsa as the sea breeze is cooling and welcome. The tavernas along the inner side of the bay, in the green park, offer a restful and delicious evening out from spring to autumn.

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